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CLI Tool - RPX an easy to use and intuitive string replacer

When I started programming in Ruby and Elixir some years ago I noticed that I’ve started using terminal more often (previously I worked with Java + Eclipse so terminal wasn’t so required).

Several times I wanted to perform a simple task: search and replace occurencies in all source code. Firstly I tried and managed to use sed to this task.


Even sed working well I missed some features like:

So I decided to create a command line tool with these features.


Rpx github.com/andrewaguiar/rpx usage is pretty simple, just type rpx <term> <replacement> and it will present all occurencies of all git managed files git ls-files.

rpx usage output with terms matched preview

You can then choose which occurencies you would like to replace by typing ids, ranges or even (a)ll.


Just download the binary in bin/rpx and add it to the path

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andrewaguiar/rpx/master/bin/rpx
chmod +x rpx

Or clone the project and make the binary

git clone git@github.com:andrewaguiar/rpx.git
cd rpx
mix escript.build

Then add it to PATH

export PATH="$PATH:rpx_location"


Type rpx to see instructions.

       rpx -- simple and powerfull string replacer

       rpx <string-to-be-replaced> <replacement> [base-path] [-xar]


       Rpx scans all allowed files recursively and shows all occurences of <string-to-be-replaced> in each file, then it
       asks for confirmation before replace all occurrences by <replacement>.

       The following options are available:

       --regex | -r
              Treats the <string-to-be-replaced> as a regex instead of a simple text (default false).

Creating a bin

run ./make_dist and the binary will be generated in ./bin.